Managed Services – Comprehensive


All Inclusive, Managed Services

It can be expensive to manage technology, and now more than ever, companies must focus on their core competencies while shedding fixed overhead. TEAMSOS’s all-inclusive managed services package MANAGE-Smart Comprehensive provides businesses with a cost-effective way to maintain reliable information technology systems.

When you choose MANAGE-Smart Comprehensive, you gain access to 20 local technology engineers with 100+ industry certifications.

That allows you to:

  • Eliminate or reduce fixed overhead associated with IT staff
  • Receive enterprise-level support
  • Budget for a low, fixed monthly cost

Get everything you need with an affordable, all-in-one managed service

With the MANAGE-Smart Comprehensive package, you get everything you need from a local Sacramento technology services provider to ensure that all your IT systems work.

Get everything you need to:

  • Ensure 99.999% uptime
  • Cut annual costs by up to 20%
  • Reduce downtime by 80%
  • Fix their monthly expense – making it predictable
  • Increase productivity

If you need a local expert to ensure all your IT systems to work – period – the MANAGE-Smart Comprehensive package provides great value

For a small business, managed services can provide significant return on investment as compared to hiring a dedicated IT staff. Because of the costs associated with hiring, salaries, benefits, and other overhead, most small businesses find it hard to cost-justify having dedicated IT staff.

Another seemingly attractive option – getting by with non-technical staff covering the IT function as best they can – can turn out to be expensive. It’s tough to ensure network reliability when non-technical staff members are attending to IT issues.

A low fixed monthly fee takes care of all your technology needs

From your Phone system to your business applications… and everything in between, MANAGE-Smart Comprehensive maintains the entire range of IT needs — all at a fixed monthly fee We not only handle user troubleshooting requests, but also the proactive maintenance and enhancements that help ensure your network is available when you need it most.

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